Because, if you don’t, you will be seriously disappointed. In this fast-paced real estate market, Buyers who choose to use only or local newspaper ads are missing out on properties every single day! You need a dedicated and commited Realtor to work for you so that you are aware, every minute of the day, of new properties on the market. The Amy Flowers Team will ensure that you are notified within hours of a property being listed. By using the Amy Flowers Team, you will be among the first to view a property of interest – we guarantee it!

First a property is listed with the Real Estate Board (the system that Sales Representatives use to find properties for their clients). Then, the Sales Representatives will likely erect a sign. It can be as long as a week before that property shows up on By then, it could be sold. To make matters worse, the sale of the property may not be reported to for as much as another week to a month. If you are depending on, lawn signs or newspaper ads to find a new home, you are most definitely going to be disappointed time and again.

Let The Amy Flowers Team guide you through information such as comparable property values, taxes, utility costs, zoning, restrictions, public transportation, location of schools, shopping centers, recreation facilities and all amenities that you may need. We make it our business to know these communities!

The Amy Flowers Team will help guide you to determine fair market value. We will show you comparable properties and provide you with the research that will help you make informed decisions. We will make sure you are aware of features and outside factors that may affect future marketability of your potential new home. It is important to The Amy Flowers Team that you are happy with your decision – that your wants and needs are satisfied but, we also keep you informed about the potential for this long term investment… in short, we make sure you buy right!

The only alternative to using a Realtor for preparing and reviewing offers is to employ legal counsel. Realtors have been highly trained in this aspect of the process and will ensure that your offers are prepared in a way that protects you. When you consider that you are not paying for this service, the Seller is – why pay a lawyer? The Amy Flowers Team will take you through the entire process – we will prepare offers, negotiate, assist you with budgeting, help you find the best possible mortgage and steer you in the right direction for your home insurance and movers. We are a full service Team and we will not only do it all for you, we will do it the best!

You need a responsive and aggresive sales representative working for you! Someone who is constantly watching the market and advising you of any properties that meet your criteria. The Amy Flowers Team will not let you miss any properties that meet your criteria – guaranteed!

Not necessarily. The Listing Sales Representative’s primary responsibility is to get the very best price possible for the Seller – not the Buyer.

When you engage a Member of the Amy Flowers Team to represent you as a Buyer, you ensure that you are receiving all of the comparable information you need to establish the right price for any property that interests you. You cannot obtain this information accurately and efficiently if you don’t use a Realtor.